I Was With #Oscar In The Early Hours Of Valentine’s Day

Can there be someone to blame for what happened on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013 between the hours of 02h00 and 05h00 at the Pretoria home of Paralympic and Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius? There are two versions of what happened presented to us, one from the side of the defense the other from the side of the state. Both however, have one final outcome which has a resultant killing of an innocent, unarmed, defenseless woman inside an enclosed toilet cubicle at the hands of Oscar Pistorius.

In an affidavit of how he, Oscar Pistorius, killed his girlfriend during the early morning hours of Valentine’s Day. The Paralympic and Olympic athlete explains how he woke up, in the dead of the night, to retrieve a fan from the balcony, in the typically crime infested neighborhood of South Africa where he had been a victim of several crimes and also received death threats. I imagine the fan too must have been in grave danger to warrant one having to risk going out, at such an odd hour in a country as unsafe as South Africa. Nonetheless the vulnerable legless Oscar Pistorius, without his prosthetics made the decision that it was indeed the most ideal and opportune time to retrieve the fan from the balcony.

He quietly slipped out of the bed where he and Reeva were sleeping, being ever so careful so as not to awaken her on his way to retrieve the fan, all the while moving on his stumps and vulnerably crawling towards the balcony with the lights switched off. A noise which came from the bathroom sent shivers up his spine and he became overwhelmed with fear realizing that this could be an intruder(s) that had used a step ladder (conveniently left by workmen that had been working on the buildings at the estate in the past few days) to enter the bathroom through the window that had been left open.

Fortunately for him he could easily retrieve his pistol from under the pillow without disturbing Reeva because on that night, Reeva had slept on the other side of bed and not on the left side where she usually slept and where her cosmetics and overnight goodies were found. Oscar, being so afraid and absolutely petrified of what could happen to both himself and Reeva if the intruder(s) were to eventually make their way to the bedroom, bravely decided to confront the danger without thinking to first awaken the sleeping Reeva and enquire with her, whether she too had heard the noise and if a better plan of action might be for them to flee the bedroom and head downstairs.

As he came into the bathroom he noticed the open window, in the dark and low and behold there it was! Confirmation of his worst nightmare, the intruder(s) had used the step ladder, entered the bathroom through the window and locked them self/themselves in the toilet cubicle. In the typically audacious manner that we’ve come to expect of an intruder(s) when breaking in, they were boldly making noises from inside the toilet. I can only guess as to what noises they’d be making inside the toilet. He had to act quickly before they finished their disgusting business, unlocked the cubicle and came after him and he reacted by firing four shots through the door with the intention of killing the intruder(s) and only thereafter, he also yelled to #Reeva for her to call the police as the sound of the shots fired would’ve undoubtedly awakened her, something which all along he had really hoped to avoid because he knew how she enjoyed her sleep.

What a considerate and loving boyfriend to have, one who can appreciate that a woman’s sleep should never be disturbed not even in the event of there being an intruder in the house.  In answering the question which I asked when I started this blog. Can there be someone to blame for what happened on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013 between the hours of 02h00 and 05h00 at the Pretoria home of Paralympic and Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius?

The truth is, all South Africans like other human beings are not perfect and there’s no one who can claim innocence when the energy we’re always choosing is that of negative thinking. The vibration we are offering life attracts into our reality, manifestations that are of the same thoughts which we give our attention to. Let’s give our attention to thoughts of what we can be and do to make South Africa a better place to live in for all our people, black and white, male and female, young and old. Please share this massage from an Angel of Awakening to heal our country of negative thinking and make South Africa a better place for all; and also get a glimpse of #Reeva visiting your television screens on Tropika Island of Treasure

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February 23, 2013 · 3:30 pm

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