How to really connect to source

We are extensions of source with unlimited power and it is always possible to reach beyond our physical self for enlightenment, higher wisdom, and guidance. The vortex is outside of our normal concept of the physical and it is important to explore our vortex and all the possibilities it has for us to reach into and know who we really are.

As we seek and learn of things unknown, we will walk down many paths in life encountering just what we need to help awaken us to a higher destiny and the teachings of Abraham have awakened me to identifying the most important issue to being in this physical human condition and that is not to allow oneself to become rigid and unyielding in one’s thinking.

This is a common human affliction and causes many to shut down the gates to further exploration, settling comfortably within the confines of one belief system. If we are to wake up, we need to ponder for a moment how another system of vibrational existence might possibly run parallel to our own system of life.

Don’t let outside influences steer you away from your path, YOU WILL find the vortex. Kholwa (believe in… trust in…)

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January 12, 2013 · 5:19 pm

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