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In 2006, I became ill with what started as a cough that just wouldn’t go away. I went to several doctors who did multiple tests and would end up prescribing medication to treat post nasal drip symptoms because the tests would come back negative for TB which to me was the probable cause for my illness as I also experienced late night sweat outbreaks, a  loss of appetite and substantial weight loss which seemed to point to TB.

This went on for several months and eventually in December of 2006 when I was a walking skeleton, my right lung failed and the piercing pain that I experienced, sent me collapsing to the floor as I was getting into bed in my upstairs bedroom late that evening.

My first thought was to dial for an ambulance from my mobile but just at that moment, I was flooded with all the detail of what would happen how long the call would take to get answered, what would be asked and how long it would take for the ambulance to arrive. It was all very vivid and clear and seemed to be given to me, to view and experience all at once and I knew that there wouldn’t be enough time for me to go through all of that and that I would have to get myself to the closest private hospital.

Two private hospitals were in close proximity to my home and while I struggled to get myself into my car and drive to a hospital I also found myself moving outside of my body through the two routes to the private hospitals and not only seeing what I would be encountering along both the routes that evening as I drove there but also being clearly guided as to which of the hospitals I should drive to.

All of this is difficult to describe as it all seemed to occur at once but in the end I drove to the gate entrance of the private hospital where the security guard gave me a look that I will never forget for as long as I live. It was as if he was looking at ghost and I remember him dropping the clipboard for signing in visitors and panicking as he shouted into his two-way radio.

An ambulance promptly arrived at the gate and I just remember flashes of being in theater and the following day the doctor informed me that my right lung had collapsed and that they were conducting tests to determine what was wrong. I explained to him that this had been going on for several months now and all tests had not come up with a conclusive diagnosis.

I realized that this was my last hope for there to be a diagnosed illness for which a remedy could be prescribed and when the results came back they were still negative for TB and any other illness that could have a remedy prescribed. I was now very ill with the real possibility that my left lung would also fail and that would most certainly straight line the beside cardiac monitor.

I just couldn’t understand why they weren’t able, earlier on, to diagnose the TB infection which I was certain was the cause of my illness from the onset but all the experience of getting to know the true essence of who I really am which I went through up until December 25th 2006 when the results came back positive for TB and I was started on the 6 months medication that brought me back to full health definitely changed me and made me a better person.

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